Dealing With Unsafe Conditions
Steps to take if you think conditions at your workplace pose a hazard to your health or safety.
How Dog Owners Can Avoid Being Bitten by a Lawsuit
If you've got a dog, take some simple steps to prevent injuries -- and legal headaches.
Landlord Liability for Tenant Injuries FAQ
Landlord Liability: Insurance FAQ
How insurance can help protect a rental property business.
Make Notes About Your Accident and Injuries
Writing down the details is far easier -- and more accurate -- than relying on your memory.
Notify People Who May Be Responsible for Your Injuries
If you intend to file a claim for your injuries, it's important to notify potential defendants after the accident.
Preserve Evidence of Fault and Damages
Act quickly to protect evidence and find witnesses who can help you prove your case to an insurance company.
Proving Fault for Defective Product Injuries
If you've been injured by a dangerous consumer product, it's usually not hard to recover compensation for your injuries.
Proving Fault in Slip and Fall Accidents
These guidelines will help you determine who is responsible if you slip or trip and fall on someone else's property.
Traffic Accidents FAQ
Workers' Compensation FAQ
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