Dec 16, 2012: Airbags

Airbags definitely save lives, around 5,000 each year. But, defective or malfunctioning airbags can create problems and injuries.

Some people think an airbag is an enormous pillow. It’s not. In order to “catch” a passenger who’s being flung forward in a crash, the airbag deploys at speeds as high as 200 miles per hour. This airbag’s force can cause serious injury in adults, and children in the front seat are at risk for injury or death when an airbag deploys.

Sometimes, a defect in the airbag itself is the cause of the problem. When a manufacturer designs, produces or installs an airbag incorrectly, serious injuries and deaths can result.

Airbag Defects
  • Too Much Force
  • Deploy Unnecessarily
  • Fail to Deploy

Defective airbags include those that deploy too forcefully, those that deploy in minor fender benders where they are not necessary to prevent injury, or those that do NOT deploy in collisions where they ARE needed.

Again, when properly manufactured and installed, airbags prevent injuries in almost every case. But, if you have been injured in an accident and you think a defective airbag played a role, I would advise you to contact an attorney immediately.

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