Dec 2, 2012: Prenup

Those interested in prenuptial agreements typically want to be certain that their assets remain theirs if the marriage doesn’t last. For many, it’s simply an acknowledgement that nearly half of all marriages end in divorce and a desire to prepare for that possibility. If you decide to take this route, do so with care and consideration.

Create a complete written inventory of assets and liabilities each partner will be bringing into the marriage. Don’t hide anything. You don’t want to begin your commitment with secrets or dishonesty.

Consider your partner’s feelings about your requests. Don’t make unreasonable demands which will anger or hurt your partner or strain the relationship.

Provide your partner with a reasonable amount of time and opportunity to examine the proposed agreement with their own lawyer. Don’t spring a prenup on your partner at your rehearsal dinner.

Premarital agreements are typically challenged in court at some point, generally when a spouse realizes that he or she would have been better off without it. This why it’s critical for each side to seek their legal representation to act as an advocate for their well-being before finalizing the agreement.

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