Dec 9, 2012: Dram Shop Laws

As you’re probably aware, you can find yourself in serious trouble for serving alcohol to an underage person, even in your home. But, it may be even worse than you realize.

Alabama, along with several other states, have laws that hold servers of alcohol servers accountable for any harm that may be caused by inebriated patrons if they are involved in an alcohol related accident.

Dram Shop Laws target
  • bars
  • restaurants
  • stores
  • private parties

Dram Shop laws hold establishments liable for the harm created by an intoxicated individual when they illegally sell alcohol to that person. Along with bars and liquor stores, other establishments who can be held responsible, include restaurants, stores, social clubs, and even private occassions where alcohol is sold.

if you are struck by a drunk driver who bought drinks at a restaurant while visibly intoxicated, or a driver who was served despite being underage, you could possibly file a dram shop claim against that business.

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