Insurance Disputes

Dealing with an insurance company can be frustrating. They have a number of delaying tactics, which can be used to keep you from the money you deserve.

There are more than 1,000 different insurance companies operating in Alabama, and each handles claims differently. The one rule that applies is: insurance companies are staffed by professionals whose job it is to pay out the least amount of money.

You also need a professional assisting you - that is where the Law Firm of Siniard, Timberlake and League can help.

In Alabama, most insurance disputes end up being settled rather than going to trial. The reason is that the law generally favors the policyholder over the insurer. Insurance companies know this. Once a lawyer is involved, settlement tends to come more quickly. Please don't be misled by your friendship or trust in your insurance agent. They may be wonderful people, but when it comes to settling your claim, they are usually long gone. You will probably not deal with an agent but rather an insurance adjustment professional from the company office. Your insurance agent is primarily a sales person. His or her job is to take in money ...not give it out.

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