Mar 03, 2013: 18 Wheeler Wrecks

Right now, companies are always seeking new ways for saving money and increasing profits. This can sometimes lead to safety taking a back seat to the profit margin. For example, in many 18 wheeler accidents, the attempt to wring additional profits from day-to-day operation can result in injury or death. If drivers or trucks are stressed and fatigued beyond their breaking point, devastating traffic wrecks can be the result.

Common Causes
  • Equipment failure
  • Excessive speed
  • Sleepy or exhausted drivers

One of the most common culprits of 18 wheeler accidents is equipment failure. Another is drivers going too fast attempting to beat overly tight deadlines. Finally, worn out drivers who've spent too many hours behind the wheel often fall asleep while driving.

Another factor is you, small vehicle drivers who fail to properly respect the difficulties and dangers of driving an 18 wheeler. Give the big trucks the respect they deserve. Don’t cut them off. Don’t slam on your brakes in front of them. Don’t ride so close on their tail that you risk being in the driver's blind spot.

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