Nov 18, 2012: Workers' Compensation

Workers' compensation laws are intended to compensate workers who have been hurt in job-related accidents. In the state of Alabama, any company with five workers or more must carry workers' compensation insurance. What benefits are those employees entitled to?

Workers' Compensation
  • Avg. weekly earnings
  • Multiply by 66 2/3 %

For injury claims, the employee's average weekly earnings are multiplied by 66 2/3%. It does not matter whether the employer or employee is to blame for the incident. Furthermore, you are not required to pay taxes on these benefits. The employee may be eligible for their benefits as well, depending on the specifics or the situation.

Regardless of whether you believe you are injured, notify your employer or supervisor right away. If your employer is not notified within 30 days, it's quite likely that you may lose your eligibility for workers' compensation benefits. By making your employer aware, you are protecting yourself in the event that you ultimately require treatment.

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