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Do You Have Automobile Wreck Injuries?

Auto Injury LawyersAutomobile wrecks happen all over the state of Alabama every day. If you are in a wreck, you may not be prepared for what to do. Especially if you suffer an injury from that auto wreck. 

You might not even know that automobile wrecks are the leading cause of personal injury in the United States.  

However, being involved in an automobile accident does not mean automatic compensation.

Under Alabama law, an injured person cannot recover damages against another individual if they contributed to their injuries by acting negligently. This is even if their negligence was not the primary cause of the auto accident.

It is this reason why it’s important to seek immediate legal advice from a qualified automobile wreck attorney about your situation. You need to know your options for recovery.

If you have suffered injuries from a car wreck, please contact the attorneys at Siniard, Timberlake & League. 

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