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Injured Worker

The Attorneys at Siniard, Timberlake and League, P.C. have handled thousands of cases involving personal injuries resulting from automobile wrecks, on-the-job accidents, medical malpractice, nursing home neglect, and other incidents. Some of the cases we handled resulted in multi-million dollar settlements. The following examples represent some of the results we have obtained for our clients. In many cases, the settlement terms are confidential so we are not able to disclose more detail. Please understand that the cases described are not an indication or representation of results in future cases. Every case is different and the value of a case must be evaluated on an individual basis. The facts presented and the applicable law will determine the value of your case and your chance of recovering in any situation. We are available to meet with you for a free initial consultation to discuss your case.

Family of Tennessee Valley resident recovers $1,000,000 for death resulting from a tractor trailer wreck.

After a tractor trailer caused a fatal car wreck, our investigation revealed that the driver for the trucking company had been driving significantly in excess of the hours permitted by federal law and that the trucking company was aware of his violations. The case settled for the maximum available insurance coverage,

Marshall County case settles for $1,000,000

Three residents of Marshall County were injured when a wrecker driving at excessive speed collided with their vehicle. Our investigation revealed and expert reconstruction revealed that the wrecker was traveling 20 mph over the recommended speed limit for the area immediately prior to the crash. Each client suffered serious injuries and received a portion of the settlement proceeds that represented the maximum amount of insurance available.

Mississippi resident collects more than $500,000

A tractor trailer failed to stop at a red light and crashed into a minister's wife. The mother of two suffered multiple broken bones and permanent injuries that will affect her daily living for the rest of her life. Witnesses to the wreck confirmed that the truck driver was not paying attention and failed to yield the right of way.

Wrongful Death Claim settled for $900,000

We recently reached a settlement on behalf of the family of a passenger in an automobile killed in a wreck on Highway 431 near Huntsville. Our investigation indicated that the driver of the vehicle had a blood alcohol level twice the legal limit. His vehicle was traveling over 100 miles per hour immediately before leaving the roadway and crashing. Huntsville teen hit by drunk driver.

In 2005, we resolved a claim arising from a motor vehicle wreck for $5.6 million dollars.The case involved a Huntsville teenager who was hit by a drunk driver while vacationing in Panama City Beach. The settlement represents the maximum available insurance coverage.

Nursing Home death.

Recently, a confidential settlement was obtained for the family of a nursing home resident who died as a result of neglect. The resident complained of chest pains and symptoms of heart attack for hours before the nursing staff assessed the problem.The resident died shortly after arriving at the hospital.

Construction Company pays $700,000.

In December 2005, we recovered $700,000 for a Decatur resident who suffered permanent nerve injury after being hit from behind by a construction vehicle. After an investigation revealed that the construction worker was talking on a cell phone immediately before the wreck, the insurance company offered to settle the case.

Morgan County jury returns verdict against State Farm for $100,000

A Decatur resident resident injured in an automobile wreck hired our firm to pursue his claim against State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company. Although he had settled with the responsible party, we argued that the amount recovered was not sufficient compensation for his injuries. At the conclusion of the trial, the jury found in favor of our client and rendered a verdict for $100,000.

Man dies after dialysis treatment.

A confidential settlement was reached in a wrongful death claim involving a Tennessee Valley resident that died after receiving a routine dialysis treatment.

Trucking Company settles case with man who loses a leg.

A Morgan county resident who lost a leg in a wreck with a tractor trailer entered into a confidential settlement with a trucking company. Although the truck driver initially denied that he was involved in the wreck, our investigation confirmed that the truck driver was responsible. Witnesses to the wreck identified the truck driver and the trucking company and the driver’s logs indicated that he was in the location of the wreck.

Madison County jury returns verdict against plastic surgeon.

After a lengthy trial, a Madison County jury returned a verdict against a plastic surgeon who did not tell his patient that he left part of a broken needle inside her head.The needle fragment was left following a surgical procedure, but the surgeon intentionally withheld the facts from our client.The jury found that the doctor wrongfully concealed the facts from the patient.

Family of injured baby recovers for birth trauma.

Our firm recovered a multi-million dollar settlement for an infant and his parents in a claim against a physician, nurse midwife and a hospital for tragic injury that occurred during childbirth. We claimed that a nurse midwife, hospital and a physician failed to properly manage the delivery of the child resulting in a traumatic delivery and severe brain injury to the baby. The case settled prior to trial.

Man struck by lightning declared permanently and totally disabled.

A 39 year old Huntsville resident struck by lightning while talking on the telephone for his employer was declared permanently and totally disabled. He will receive disability benefits for the rest of his life. We tried the case to a favorable result in the Madison County Circuit Court then the case was appealed. On appeal the trial court's ruling was initally reversed then the Alabama Supreme Court ruled that the employee was entitled to benefits.

Trucking Company pays $1.5 million dollars in a wrongful death of Huntsville resident.

We collected 1.5 million for the wife and child of a Huntsville resident killed when a tractor trailer ran a red light and crashed into his vehicle.

Contracting Company pays $450,000 to settle case.

A North Alabama resident suffered severe injuries to both knees when his vehicle was hit by a driver operating a truck for a home improvement contractor.He underwent numerous surgeries including major knee surgery and was unable to return to his job as a result of his injuries.The case settled at mediation shortly before it was scheduled for a jury trial.

These recoveries and testimonials are not an indication of future results. Every case is different, and regardless of what friends, family, or other individuals may say about what a case is worth, each case must be evaluated on its own facts and circumstances as they apply to the law. The valuation of a case depends on the facts, the injuries, the jurisdiction, the venue, the witnesses, the parties, and the testimony, among other factors. Furthermore, no representation is made that the quality of the legal services to be performed is greater than the quality of legal services performed by other lawyers.

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