Sep 09, 2012: Black Box Warning

You may have heard the term "Black Box Warning," but perhaps you're not sure exactly what it is. Put simply, it's a a warning to consumers about the possible severe side affects of prescription medications. This warning will be located on the informational insert packaged with the medication. These warnings should not be ignored.

Some products that have been issued such warnings are:

  • Reglan - MAY cause Dystonia, a potentially-disabling neurological movement disorder
  • Chantix, Wellbutrin and Zyban - medicines used as anti-depressants and in smoking cessation - May result in increased risk of suicide.
  • Enbrel - used in treating rheumatoid arthritis - may cause TB infections

You should be cautious with any medications you receive and ask your physician plenty of questions. Don't ignore symptoms that you believe may be due to a medication you've been taking.

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